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I graduated in industrial design and graphic design and in the 15 years of working, I have tried to combine two fields and create new ways.

I believe that if I want to create new ways, I must know everything to relevant situation and Have experience in it. This knowledge includes all stages from design to implementation.

In addition, everything that is relevant to street and especially general audience is my favorite project. One of my hobbies is Traveling to different countries to know different people, various cultures and visual structure of another country.

Furthermore, I do Yoga and write my diary to know myself every day. I believe that if I know myself, I will know another person .As a result I could Design based on customer needs and demands and i will achieved more.

Leadership 0

team work ability 0

Particular studying of street furniture 0

Street furniture design 0

Executive And Supervision 0

Creativity 0

3D max 0

Salidworks 0

Adobe Photoshop 0

CorelDraw 0

Microsoft Office 0

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